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Please find detailed below a collection of commonly asked question and general information about our boxes.

If you have any questions or require clarification please let us know and we will include relevant information

on these pages for the benefit of others.

It has just been pointed out to me that in some of the images I have shown the bobbins fitted the wrong way round? in the bobbin storage drawer ie. the bobbins are on their side ( showing all the pretty colours) rather than the right way up so you can see the numbers.

Please be assured that the bobbins can be fitted either way round !!  Sorry about that I am just a bloke & stitching is not my thing I just make the boxes to Jeans instructions. Jean has told me off in no uncertain terms and advised me that I will get it right at the next revision!!  

Q.  What type of wood are your boxes made from:-

A.  Our heirloom quality boxes are practical, durable and elegant pieces of furniture built to grace your home and compliment your

     craftwork. Made of quality construction with a hand waxed finish giving a deep lustre which enhance the wood grain bringing out

     the natural beauty and feel of touching real wood. our heirloom range of boxes are made made as cost effective as possible whilst 

     achieving a high quality appearance using a combination of: solid oak timber, solid oak veneer and mdf inside. The joint construction 

     is via gluing & 'biscuit jointing' ( which is a form of mortice & tenon joint):-

      The frame of the Lifting lid/hinge, drawer Fronts, drawer pull knobs, side handles and plinth are made of solid oak timber.

      The cabinet sides, back and compartment front of the box, and lid insert are faced with solid oak veneer.

      The sides bottom and back of the drawers and drawer supports / compartment bottom are made of mdf board as is the sliding tray.

The above gives an overall idea of the construction materials used in the manufacture of our boxes but it is by no means comprehensive. Should you require more detailed information or clarification please contact us.


DRAWERS:  have retaining stops which help prevent them inadvertently falling right out and spilling the contents.

The drawers can be completely removed by pulling them against their stops then lifting the front of the drawer up whilst gently pulling forward on the drawer.

PLINTH: We strongly recommend the fitting of a plinth to our larger boxes, i.e. boxes over the size of our Small Special Offer Box, as the box becomes very heavy when full and we have had people trying to move ’non-plinth boxes’ (where the sides of the box are used for the box to stand on))  around on carpet causing parting of the sides of the box from the main chassis where the sides/base settle into the carpet and do not want to be dragged along, whereas a box with a plinth fitted will slide easier especially over carpets.


Should you wish to move a box without a plinth fitted you can remove the drawers to reposition the box. As long as you are aware of the potential damage problem it would be ok to omit the plinth.  (Personally I think the boxes look a lot better with the plinth.)

Having a plinth fitted to larger boxes also helps them to sit with more stability and look better balanced.

Please be aware that plinths can be fitted with optional castors if the box is required to be moved around on a regular basis.

CASTORS: Please be aware that castors can only be fitted to boxes with plinths. Also that due to incidents of damage during delivery we supply the castors loose for self assembly, which is simply a matter of screwing them 'finger tight' into holes machined into the plinth base. 

HINGE: for the lifting lid is designed & made to be as durable as possible and should last a lifetime. Made from a solid length of oak glued & jointed to the solid oak frame of the lid, brass screws are drilled through the cabinet sides and screwed into the oak hinge to enable the lid to pivot and hold the lid open in 'just past the vertical position' for optimum accessibility.


Our large special offer box comes with one small drawer fitted with a bobbins storage insert ( holds approx 160 bobbins). And one skein storage insert ( Holds approximately 120 Skeins). We can change this to: both skein storage or both bobbin storage inserts. For an additional £9.50 we can add a further skein or bobbin storage insert to the third small drawer. 
Storage inserts can also be added to our medium drawers leaving a space above for: boxes, hoops etc. Just note your requirements on the order form.

We are happy to quote for any form of bespoke storage inserts within our drawers - just send us details of your requirements & we will get back to you.

Because standard plastic bobbing holders are not the same size both ways we have designed our storage to accommodate bobbins either way so they can be put in the drawer floss side up so you can see the colour or tag side up so you can read the designation number.

We get numerous enquiries from customers who decide  that they would now like to have storage compartments within their drawers, the following is a copy of our reply:-

Re; self fitting of bobbin/skein inserts, please see following reply to a similar enquiry for retro fitting :-

These are normally fitted when the box is made to ensure a fairly tight/snug fit to reduce the possibility of the insert being inadvertently pulled  out of the drawer!!.

However we will do all we can to help you: there are three ways it can be done:- 

1st way is that you send us the drawers and we fit them for you, which is the most expensive option. (postage + insurance both ways ). 

2nd way Roy can make and assemble the storage for you to slot in, (quite a tight fit)  I can't price this option for you at the moment until they are packaged and weighed. 

3rd option which is probably the easiest, but would need a little bit of dexterity on your part, I could send you the slats for you to slot together yourself, and insert them into the drawers (this is the fiddly bit, as they are quite tight fitting, and may need to be sanded to fit exactly) This option would cost £10 P&P + cost of inserts. 

Please advise us whether you have finger pull or knob drawer opening.

If you are at all unsure of your practical ability, we would advise having the inserts fitted by us.


You can choose to have a 'ready made workbox or we can make one specifically to your requirement.
We can supply a box with either a lifting lid or fixed lid with your choice of drawer combination. Or we can made you a bespoke box or cabinet to your exact requirements, design & finish - at additional cost.

You can request NO FINISH on your box and we will omit our standard 'hand waxed finish and leave it as a natural oak finish so that you
can paint, decorate or finish to your own requirements. 


Yes the day you have been waiting for (very patiently?) since you first ordered your workbox.

Our parcels are delivered by Parcel Force on a 24 hour service.  We normally pack our boxes on a Sunday for collection from us on Monday and subsequent delivery to you the next day (Tuesday). A signature will be required by the driver on delivery, so it is important that there is someone there to receive it on the day.  The carriers will NOT commit to a delivery time slot, but we can provide a tracking number for you to follow delivery progress. At busy times the delivery time has been known to exceed the 24 hour service we pay for. 

The reason we send out our boxes early in the week is to ensure they spend as little time as possible in the carriers depot to reduce the chance of any damage.

If no one is home to sign for the parcel the carrier will take it back to the depot and leave you a note to either arrange collection from their depot or arrange an alternate delivery date. 

If you let us know prior to sending off the paperwork we are happy to arrange delivery to an alternate address.

Or if you find you are not going to be home you could always try leaving the driver a note asking that the parcel be left with a neighbour.

Please be assured that damaged boxes are a rarity, but it can happen, even with our (in light of experience) 'bomb proof' packaging. During the past 18 years and 2,000+  deliveries we have only had 5 insurance claims, but accidents can happen so we try to ensure that the parcel does not have to be put back on the lorry and taken back to the depot where it can be subjected to damage. 

Should the parcel arrive with any apparent damage to packaging, please make a note of this on the delivery pad. If your workbox should be damaged  please take photos of of any damage to the packaging and the workbox, advise us of the problem immediately, either by phone (01634 719582) or e-mail, and we will instigate the insurance claims procedure. (We have to notify Parcel force within 3 days of damaged goods). We will also arrange for collection of the damaged box, and for a  replacement  to be made / despatched as soon as possible. You will not incur an additional cost.




Congratulations on the purchase of your Touchwood Workbox, which as you will appreciate, being hand crafted using solid wood & wood veneers, will require a degree of care for the qualities and features of real wood which will enable your workbox to retain it’s natural beauty and enhance the appearance over the years.

Being hand made from natural materials the workbox will not be of uniform appearance and will exhibit some tooling marks and the natural features and characteristics within the wood including a degree of joint/wood movement & surface splits / cracks etc can be expected all of which add to the natural beauty & aging of the hand crafted workbox. These features are not faults but are an inherent part of the nature of the product and it’s manufacture. Your workbox as been designed to accommodate this normal settling in of the wood and should not cause you any problems or concerns.

As with all natural wood products a few simple precautions should be borne in mind whilst caring for your workbox:-

On receipt from us the workbox will have been stored in average household temperature & conditions and should not subsequently be subjected to extreme temperature or humidity changes ie: should not be stored in unheated outbuildings or in direct sunlight or next to radiators or other heat sources as this may cause excessive movement and damage to the wood.

Our workboxes are prepared for and hand waxed prior to dispatch, and will require, depending on environmental conditions, periodic waxing to maintain the finish and feed the wood. This can be simply done using a good quality natural Beeswax polish boxes should not be subjected to extremes of temperature Ie. Do not store in unheated outbuildings/conservatories, next to radiators or in direct sunlight. Once a month spray/wipe over  with beeswax polish (not one with silicone content) Ie. we use 'Wood Silk' spray from Morrison's  - in a bee hive shaped & design can. ( other beeswax's are available!).

Due to variation the porosity / texture of wood, temperature, environment etc. It takes varying amount of time for the initial penetrating coats of beeswax /oils to soak into the wood and may leave a residual smell of the wax/oils for a while which will eventually wear off (may need to be left open for a few days) to be replaced by the neutral fragrance of pure beeswax or the preferred fragrance of you beeswax furniture polish applied on a regular basis. 

We do supply a 'Care of you workbox' instruction sheet with every box. 

The more you polish and cosset the box the better it will look and age.


We trust you will have many years of enjoying you workbox.

Our very best regards

Roy & Jean

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