Box Features & Images

This Above is our 'Large Special offer' box which was originally designed with cross stitchers in mind, but is now the most popular choice of box in our range, featuring the most cost effective large capacity and versatile storage for sewing most other crafts as well.
The box features from the top down:-
A lifting lid with heavy duty solid oak and large gauge brass screw  hinge mechanism which opens and holds the lid just passed the upright position to enable ease of access to the storage compartment below.
The storage compartment features a sliding/removable shallow tray with a large storage space underneath.
The box is fitted with handles on the sides which assist when moving the box around your work area.
There are 3 small drawers @1.5 inches deep, the top one of which is empty to fill with small odds and ends. The second small drawer is fitted with 32 Cross stitch style bobbin compartments which can also be used for any small items. The third small drawer is fitted with 8 Cross stitch Skein storage compartments that are perfect for pencils/paint brush's etc. The skein/bobbin compartments can be removed from the drawer if required and we are happy to alternatively fit 2 x bobbin or 2 x skein storage inserts if preferred. You can always purchase an additional skein or bobbin storage insert if required for the top drawer or you can have bespoke storage inserts fitted at additional cost.
There are two medium sized drawers which are 3.1" inches deep and are idea for odds & ends, hoops pattern etc.
There is a large drawer which is 7.2 inches deep and good for larger items, fat quarters, balls of wool etc.
All our drawers are 14.7 inches wide x 8.7 inches front to back (ideal for magazines A4 paper etc), they are also fitted with oak drawer pulls. 
On the bottom of the box is an oak plinth which is fitted with removable free wheeling castors to enable the box to be moved around your work area.
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This shows the sliding tray in the storage compartment & part of the side handle.

6 drawers of the workbox with oak knobs.

Here we show the oak plinth & freewheeling castors as standard fitted to this box. 

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This shows a popular option of a 4 small draw box capable of holding the full range of DMC threads in elegant and practical style.

Ideal to complement one of our larger boxes.

This is one of our small 'Artisan' workboxes  which on request with lined with crushed Velvet to create a bespoke jewellery box.

These images give you an idea of various bespoke partitioned drawer storage inserts we can make to accommodate your individual needs & requirements.  

Boxes are  made with any combination  of optional drawers and options to suit your hobby and exact requirements.

Light oak finish is a popular to suit your home / work area.


large bespoke boxes are our speciality and a pleasure to make for you.

We can make storage compartments to exactly suit your storage requirements.

Bobbin storage drawers are made so that your bobbins can be displayed either way round.

160 Bobbins / drawer.

Skein storage or bespoke inserts can be fitted into drawers as required.

120 Skeins / drawer.


This Heirloom workbox with a lifting lid and sliding tray is ideal for storing tools and components so they are easy to find and readily accessible.


Drawers can have storage inserts made to suit any small components.


          The large drawers can be made to take a 'lift out' tray 

                The lift 'out tray' can be made to suit the treasures you                        need at hand whilst working.

                                            An optional padded insert can fitted into box lid to enable display of your favourite work.


                                               No Matter what your craft storage requirement we can make a workbox to suit.


                                                    Our purpose built workshop enables us to make the workbox of your dreams.