SEWING BOXES - 'Made to Order' to your specification. 

Decide from our options depicted below which features you 
would like for your sewing box and we will make it to your order.

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Our Heirloom range of Craft Storage and Work Boxes are cost effectively and individually hand made from our list of options, to your requirements from a combination of solid oak, real oak veneer exterior and mdf inside. Creating a beautiful and practical piece of furniture to compliment your home and craftwork.

Our boxes are supplied ready assembled and ready to be filled, with a hand waxed natural oak finish all waiting for you to decide where you will store all your bits & pieces.

You can choose to have a WORKBOX which has a lifting lid with a large storage compartment underneath incorporating a sliding tray, with your choice of drawers and optional extras from our list.

Alternatively you can have a have a 'STORAGE BOX' with a fixed lid to use as a table top with the drawers & options specified as required.

Being hand crafted items and made to order, please allow 1-10 weeks for delivery from receipt of order, especially for 'made to order' boxes, this will vary depending on time of year and demand. If  required for a special occasion/date please contact us prior to ordering and we will do our very best to assist. We do try to keep our special offer boxes in stock but please check before ordering. 

If in any doubt please contact as we will be pleased to help you with your order.

Please note: up to large special offer size - Postage Packing & Insurance are included in the price for the UK mainland only. Excluding  all Islands & Highlands. 

Due to problems with carriers handling - made to order/bespoke boxes bigger than our large special offer box are for collection from our address only.

                                     Use the images and options / pricelist guide, detailed below to help you specify your box, 

                                     PRIOR to ordering your 'made to order box' in our shop above^. 


< Left is the basic 'WORK BOX' which has a lifting lid, storage compartment with sliding tray and is fitted with optional side handles. 

        To the right is a 'WORK BOX' 

        made with optional drawers & extras. >


< Left  is the basic 'STORAGE LID' 

Fixed lid fitted on top of drawers and optional extras.

Either lid can be fitted to any combination of drawers and optional extras

 Right a 'STORAGE BOX'   (lifting lid)

With drawers/extras fitted as required >


Drawer fitted with bobbin storage partition.

Holds approximately 160 Bobbins.


Drawers can be fitted with solid oak knobs.

This storage box also fitted with solid oak plinth, and side carrying handles.


A removable padded insert can be supplied to fit into the recess of the lid to enable personalisation of your box. 

Drawer fitted with skein storage partition.

Holds approximately 120 Skeins.


Storage box made with our standard 'finger pull" drawer opening, without plinth or side carrying handles fitted.


Freewheeling castors can be fitted to the base of any box fitted with a plinth, to assist with moving it around your work area.

Drawers fitted with bespoke partitions.


We are happy to fit client supplied knobs to match existing furniture.


Partitions can also be fitted into medium drawers leaving room above for storage. 

OPTIONS AND PRICES                                                     'GUIDANCE ONLY'
WORKBOX:                                        Includes lifting lid & storage compartment with sliding tray                                           Cost £79.50
STORAGE BOX:                                 Just the lid fixed on the box housing your selected drawer combination.                      Cost £49.50
 LIGHT OAK WAX FINISH:                  Similar to antique pine.                                                                                                   Cost £12.50
NATURAL OAK WAX FINISH:             Our standard finish.                                                                                                        Cost £00.00
SMALL DRAWER:                              How many ______ @ £29.50 each                                                                                   Cost £ ______
MEDIUM DRAWER:                           How many ______ @ £39.50 each                                                                                   Cost £ ______
LARGE DRAWER:                             How many ______ @ £49.50 each                                                                                    Cost £ ______
BOBBIN STORAGE INSERT:            How many _____ @ £9.50 each                                                                                        Cost £______
SKEIN STORAGE INSERT:               How many _____ @ £9.50 each                                                                                         Cost £______
BESPOKE STORAGE INSERT:         Please contact us to discuss requirements and asociated cost.                        
SOLID OAK KNOBS:                         How many _____ @ £7.50 each                                                                                         Cost £______
FINGER PULL SLOT                         Our standard drawer opening                                                                                            Cost £00.00
BESPOKE / CLIENTS KNOBS          Please contact us to discuss requirements. 
OAK PLINTH:                                    For base of the box - Highly recommended for all, but particularly larger boxes.              Cost £49.50
CASTORS:                                        Free wheeling - Can only be fitted to boxes with a plinth.                                                  Cost £29.50
SIDE HANDLES:                               To assist when moving your box around.             Sold in pairs.                                          Cost £25.00
PADDED INSERT:                             Fits into lid to display your work.                                                                                         Cost £29.50
                                                               FREE UK Mainland P.P. & INS  See details under Shipping

Once you have worked out the design & what you need for your box, pease go to our shop to purchase items which we will then make into your box. If you need any help please contact us.

WORK BOX or STORAGE BOX with side handles & plinth:               Foot print size - width 18.5" (470mm). front to back 13.5" (345mm)
WORK BOX or STORAGE BOX without side handles & plinth:          Foot print size - width 17.0" (433mm). front to back 13.5" (345mm)
                               Just add together the height of all your drawers and optional extras for an approximate height.
 WORKBOX TOP COMPARTMENT: The outside height of the front face of  the compartment is: 4" (100mm).
The internal dimensions are:    Width 15.5" (394mm).    Front to back 9.625" (245mm)    Maximum height 3.6" (92mm)

SLIDING TRAY: internal dimensions are:   Width 6.9" (174mm).    Front to back  8.85" (226mm).    Maximum height 1.12" (28mm)
 SMALL DRAWER: The outside height of the oak front of the drawer is:  2.3" (60mm). 
The internal dimensions are:    Width 14.7" (375mm).    Front to back 8.75" (222mm).     Maximum height 1.5" (38mm). 

MEDIUM DRAWER: The outside height of the oak front of the drawer is:  4.0" (100mm). 
The internal dimensions are:    Width 14.7" (375mm).    Front to back 8.75" (222mm).     Maximum height 3.125" (80mm). 

LARGE DRAWER: The outside height of the oak front of the drawer is:  8.0" (200mm). 
The internal dimensions are:    Width 14.7" (375mm).    Front to back 8.75" (222mm).     Maximum height 7.2" (183mm). 
BOBBIN STORAGE: Mainly fitted into small drawers, but can be fitted inside of medium or large drawer leaving storage space above.
32 compartments in total. internal dimensions:    width 1.7" (43.2mm).    front to back 2.06" (51.0mm).    maximum height 1.5" (38mm).
Each drawer holds approximately 160 Bobbins @ 5 to a compartment.

SKEIN STORAGE: Mainly fitted into small drawers, but can be fitted inside of medium or large drawer leaving storage space above.
8 compartments in total. internal dimensions:    width 7.1"" (180mm).    front to back 2.06" (51.0mm).    maximum height 1.5" (38mm).
Each drawer holds approximately 120 Skeins @ 15 to a compartment.

BESPOKE STORAGE: Can be fitted into any drawer, constrained by the internal dimensions of the drawer and partition bar thickness.

Please contact us to discuss details / cost.
LID MAXIMUM SIZE:                 Width 17" (432mm).        Front to back 12" (305mm).        Height 0.7" (17mm).
PADDED INSERT LID                Width 17" (432mm)         Front to back 12" (305mm).        Height 0.85" (24mm)

PLINTH MAXIMUM SIZE:          Width 18" (457mm).        Front to back 13.5" (343mm)       Height 1.0" (25mm).

CASTOR MAXIMUM SIZE:        Height 2" (51mm).          ie. they add 2" to height of box & operate within the maximum area of the Plinth.

PADDED INSERT:                     Width 14.75" (375mm).     Front to back 9.75 (247mm).      Height .25" (6mm).

Once you have decided on the design of your box just fill in the details in our shop  and forward to us. Or:-

We can send you a free colour brochure & order form, or phone us to have a 'chat about our craft storage workboxes.

Just contact us:-

Tele: 01634 719582. Email:  Post: 7 Murray Road, Frindsbury, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4HJ.

STANDARD SIZED BOXES - FREE SHIPPING TO UK MAINLAND ONLY. Exclusions apply. Please see 'Shipping' tab, or contact us to clarify shipping costs.